Brandywine Students Videos and audio from events and activities from the Brandywine Students program at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware.

March 20, 2016  

Week 4 of 4; Jay Parry finishes our series on the Gospel of Luke. The Son of God, Jesus, had a very human moment just before his sacrifice on the cross, which fulfilled His earthly mission. As Jesus was looking toward his own death, His plea to the Father revealed the ultimate picture of surrendering to God’s will and purpose. This week focuses on how Jesus’ tremendous love for us was displayed in His sacrificial death—the greatest act of friendship ever displayed.

March 13, 2016  

Week 3 of 4; Jay Parry continues our series in the Gospel of Luke. This week focuses on three stories Jesus told to help us understand his passion for restoring our broken relationship with God. These stories about lost sheep, lost money, and a runaway son use concepts that Jesus’ audience would understand. These parables give us insight into Jesus’ compassion toward those who don’t know him. They also represent his feelings of frustration with the religious leaders who were lacking compassion.

March 6, 2016  

Week 2 of 4; Pastor Matthew continues our series on Luke's gospel, this time looking at Jesus’ first visit to his hometown after the start of his public ministry. He already has been baptized and faced Satan’s temptation in the desert. The primary Scripture gives us a vivid view of Jesus as he declares that he has come to bring salvation to those who need it, followed by the people’s reaction to this news. Even today, followers of Jesus face opposition to the truth of Jesus’ message, and we need encouragement to stand up for what’s right, just like Jesus did.